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About The Fly Fishing Lodge

About The Pitt River and The Fly Fishing Lodge:

This glacially fed watershed boasts one of the last, truly unspoiled fisheries in British Columbia. The river flows out of the wild Coast Mountains not far from the city of Vancouver. The Fly Fishing Lodge is located in a remote valley, accessible by boat, float plane or helicopter only, and we are surrounded by parks on three sides. The river that is laid out below us offers remarkable fishing for wild runs of salmon, steelhead, trout and char. We have been operating in the Pitt River Valley for over 23 years, connecting fly fishermen from around the world to big, hard running fish that are fresh from the ocean.

Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

The Pitt River Valley

We offer anglers access to all the classic runs and pools that lie between Pitt Lake and Garibaldi Park, where the river runs through a protected area. Sea run fish ride high tide up the lower Fraser River, before entering the Pitt system, and are often only days, sometimes hours, from salt water when we encounter them.

Our exclusive new lodge, with its stunning, panoramic view, provides a luxurious setting from which a maximum of six anglers a week will set out on fly fishing expeditions.Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

A little history:

Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

One of the original old cabins in the valley from years past

We have lived and fished in the Pitt River Valley for over two decades, building our business from the ground up, encouraged along the way by our loyal and enthusiastic clients. Our first small cabins were replaced by Pitt River Lodge in 2000. Located beside the river in a grove of giant cottonwoods, the large, warm and friendly building has allowed us to host anglers from around the world.

When the opportunity came to expand operations and get a lease on a more remote parcel of land in the valley, we jumped right in! The logistics of putting up a new lodge in such a wild area have been daunting, but after seven years of hard work we finally opened the doors on what we believe is one of the finest fly fishing lodges in British Columbia.

The Fly Fishing Lodge is perched high on a bluff from where we look down on soaring eagles and the pristine waters of the Pitt River, which emerges from the snow capped mountains of Garibaldi Park, to the North. From here, far in the distance, you can see the backside of Whistler. With Burke Mountain Park to the West and Golden Ears to the East, the lodge is ringed by a wall of stunning mountains.

Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

Our goal is to offer a rich, rewarding and memorable angling experience. Basically it’s simple: give people what they want – great fishing, knowledgeable guiding, personalized service and great food. The Fly Fishing Lodge is a premium, world-class, limited access, fly fishing experience in a remote wilderness setting.

The Fly Fishing Lodge:

Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

Our web background the warm welcoming logs of the new lodge

Our goal at The Fly Fishing Lodge is to provide discerning guests with a wilderness experience in comfort and safety. What is so remarkable about our operation is that the great metropolis of Vancouver is only a mountain range away, and yet you will feel like you are in the wilds of Alaska. We don’t know of anywhere else in the world where you can make the transition from a big city, to total wilderness so quickly and so completely.

No expense has been spared to ensure that this beautiful 3,000 square foot building constructed with native Douglas fir matches its special, wilderness setting and yet meets the highest standards of comfort. We like to call it rustic elegance. Here in the wilderness you will find Indian slate tiles in the entry lounge, where a bar made from river rock and old cedar waits to greet you, and in your private suite you will find a polished slate bathroom floor surrounding a sunken tub. From every window you will enjoy breathtaking views and to breath the fresh air, or listen to the cry of an eagle, you just have to step out on the wrap-around, covered decks.

The interior of The Fly Fishing Lodge has an old world nautical feel that reflects our family’s long history of working on the ocean and on the Fraser River. We hope it makes you feel at home in the wilderness.Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC


Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

An Osprey calls for its mate in the Pitt River

You will be staying in comfort with us, but all you have to do is look out the lodge windows to be reminded you are in true wilderness. This is the home range of black and grizzly bears, of mountain lions, elk and wolves. We treat these animals with respect and our guides are always on the look out for them, knowing that for many fly fishermen, a wildlife sighting can be almost as exciting as hitting in to a big fish. The opportunity to actually watch these animals in close range as they fish and go about their lives is truly a rare privilege, and each encounter we have results in a powerfully memorable experience.

The valley supports good populations of Roosevelt elk which can sometimes be seen from the lodge sunning themselves along the river. Bald eagles are often seen soaring overhead or feasting on salmon carcasses. A small population of wolves are known to be roaming the valley but are seldom seen. The mountain lions are even more elusive and often the only sign of them are their footprints in fresh snow.

Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

A fishing friend

The valley provides habitat for wolverines, pine martin, weasels, mink, river otters, lynx and beaver. We don’t promise sightings as they are all wild and naturally timid animals. But as our guides like to say, the more you are out and about the greater the chance of catching a glimpse or snapping a photo of these beautiful creatures.

Birding enthusiasts have opportunity to view many different species. There are three kinds of grouse in the valley and Ptarmigan inhabit the alpine. Northern flickers and Pileated woodpeckers are often seen in the trees along the riverbank.

We have peacefully co-existed with all of these animals for 23 years, and have never had a “bad” animal encounter. We want to keep it that way. All of our guides and staff are knowledgeable about the inherent risks of the wilderness and your personal safety will be a top priority during your stay with us. We can’t promise, however, that some of the fish won’t beat you up.


Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC

Fishing Lodges British Columbia - Fly Fishing Lodge Vancouver BC